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Who We Are

Maheshwari Angel Network(MahAN) is a community of successful Maheshwari entrepreneurs turned angel investors  who want to invest in businesses, which have the potential to generate exponential returns. MahAN members are leaders in the Entrepreneurial Eco-System with strong operational and management experience. They share a passion to create, value and  scale up businesses.

Our Investment Process

Our process is designed to identify potential high-growth businesses in a robust manner


First Hand Screening

Basic Due Diligence

Evaluation over Phone calls or meetings with the entrepreneurs

Pitching Session

Share the selected decks with the members, for checking their initial interest. Next, the entrepreneurs will present their pitch decks to the prospective investors

Detailed Due-Diligence

Once the potential business opportunity is identified for funding, Financial, Legal and Commercial Due-Diligence will be conducted by the team

Signing up of Term-Sheet

Interested Members/Investors will sign the Term Sheet

Shareholder Agreement

Interested Members/Investors will sign the Term Sheet


Why you should be a part of Our Network

Access to curated high potential businesses from various industries.

Access Curated Deals:

Each and every deal is evaluated, screened and filtered by JLC.

Connect with the Business:

Investors can connect with the entrepreneurs to clear their doubts by having elaborate discussions.

Financial returns/ Strategic Benefits:
  • Multiply your Investment
  • Investment in businesses for Long Term Partnership. Can subsequently participate in the next Round of Investment
  • Access to Portfolio company’s services
  • Increase your Brand Visibility through partnerships
  • Expand Your Network and Knowledge: Collaborative Investment Knowledge Meet-ups
Personalized Deals:

Email your profile with your experience and interest area to get personalized deals as per your interest.

Portfolio Management:

Get annual valuation reports for your portfolio.

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Let’s make awesome things, together



Looking for Funds to accelerate Your Business.

How it Works

  • Share your Opportunity with Jindagilive Consulting.
  • MahAN helps to promote your business by connecting with Investors through our platform.
  • Enables to close the round quickly.
  • Finish the paperwork with ease.

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