Maheshwari Angel Network (MAN)


Looking for Funds (Equity & Debt) to accelerate your Business

  • Share your Opportunity with Jindagilive Consulting
  • MahAN helps to promote your Business by connecting with the prospective Investors through our platform
  • Enables to close the round quickly
  • Finish the paperwork with ease

How do We work?

With our Investment Network, we enable and facilitate the process of investment in businesses to support them in their growth. Besides that, we assist businesses in strategic guidance and also provide them access to our professional and personal network which helps to increase their sources of revenue thereby achieving phenomenal growth.


You just need to fill up the form on our website 

You need to share the detailed deck covering a brief of your business, team details, what are the problem statements you are trying to solve, value proposition, current traction with proof, amount of funding required, usage of funding, projection plan.

You do not need to worry. We will help you guide that. JLC will help you prepare the Pitch deck and Business Model, with a nominal fee.

We don’t sign non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) with the presenters. However, we ensure that we share your information only amongst our network members, with whom we sign an NDA to protect your interest.

  • Our Core Team goes through your application and the information shared by you.
  • They analyse the business proposal based on various parameters.
  • We typically take 2-3 weeks to let you know our decision on whether we will take it further or not.
  • If your business is chosen, you may be asked to present your business to our investors in an elevator pitch session (online/offline) organized by us.
  • Once the investor has shown interest and terms have been agreed, paperwork and documentation will be done.

If your pitch gets selected by our core team, you will be called to present it in front of Member Panel.
If got selected, we will conduct financial, legal and commercial due diligence for your business.

Minimum Ticket Size INR50 Lakhs

We consider the below points before we move further.

  • Complementary Team: Team’s capability and background
  • Differentiated Value proposition (a unique product/service/process): How the business has an edge over their competitors. Why an Investor should choose this particular business over others
  • Product Stage 
  • Market Strategies
  • Current Traction
  • Growth Strategy

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